It feels like spring today! It’s in the seventies and the sun is shining which motivated me to clean my house! I absolutely love spring and everything about it from the beautiful flowers, to the smell of fresh cut grass, to the warm days and cooler nights, and especially driving with my sunroof open. There is something that shifts and changes a little every time we get our first taste of warmer weather. I feel better, just more excited about what I’m doing that day. I woke up at 8 am today because I loved the breeze I felt coming in through my window. I made a protein smoothie and took care of Piper then headed to the gym. I don’t know about you all, but I feel so motivated once it starts to warm up outside! Once I was done at the gym I headed home to clean! I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked because I got distracted with a show on Netflix. As I was watching, I was motivated to write a blog post about my favorite Netflix shows! Disclaimer: I am not super into the really hyped up shows like Orange is the new black & Stranger Things, so you won’t see many shows like that on this list. I will watch Stranger Things, but it’s not top of my list. I am extremely picky when it comes to series that I’m going to spend my time watching so I would say I have pretty good taste.

  1. The Office– need I say more? It’s 9 seasons of laughter, tears, and undying love for all the characters. I’ve re-watched this show AT LEAST 10 times. Ain’t no shame in my game! I highly recommend everyone watch it and then watch it 9 more times.
  2. Ozark– Rich came home one day and said “I have a new show. It’s like Breaking Bad..” and I stopped him right there. I hated Breaking Bad (I know, I know). I tried and I just couldn’t get into it, so immediately I thought the worst of Ozark. BOY WAS I WRONG TIMES 100! Money laundering, great acting, suspense, action, and Jason Batemen :):):) Every episode had me on the edge of my seat and dying to know what would happen next.
  3. Black Mirror– Where do I even begin? I’ve talked to a lot of people who are completely lost while watching and I won’t say that I’m not, but I still love this show. It’s kind of odd because I feel like some episodes could actually happen and are happening right now. It’s definitely technology and future based and each episode is something new. I am the type to try to figure something out before it ends and 9/10 times with this show, I can’t. That will keep me wanting more!
  4.  House of Cards– Yes, I know Kevin Spacey did some really upsetting things and he is therefore not on the show anymore, but this will always be top of the list for me! I really watch it for the main actress Robin Wright or Claire Underwood. Honestly it took me about three episodes to be on board, but we were dedicated for all the seasons afterward! It’s a powerful show about politics, deception, murder, and love.
  5. Disjointed– Kathy Bates, killing the game. This might be a taboo subject for a show to some, but it really shouldn’t be. A mother and son open a pot dispensary and the show follows them and their employees with a few other cast members thrown in the mix. It’s a nice comedic relief type show!
  6. 3%– I was SUPER annoyed at first with this show because it’s a Brazilian Netflix show and the only way I could watch it was to read the subtitles, but WORTH IT. The first episode caught our eye, so we decided to venture in and we absolutely were hooked. It’s based in the future in probably Rio. Everyone is poor and malnourished, but at the age of ONLY 21 people can compete mentally and physically to get to the island where everyone is healthy and well-to-do. It’s an interesting concept and I loved every episode.
  7. New Girl– I truly should put this right after the office because I’ve watched it all the way through at least 5 times. I am not in love with the main character Jess. I’m really in it for her three male roommates. They honestly make the show! Schmidt is my favorite with his ridiculous sayings and way of life. Nick pulls at my heart strings because he is so lost in life and has the biggest heart. Winston is just there and really brings the whole group together. Highly recommend watching for a good laugh!
  8. Alias Grace– If you watched The Handmaids Tale on Hulu, you need to watch this! I will say that I disliked the way it ended, but overall a great show and a must watch! Don’t worry, I’ll do a blog post on my favorite Hulu shows too!
  9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- ya’ll this show always has me dying cause I’m laughing so hard. Titus is by far the best thing about this show! This poor girl is so lost after being held captive for like 15 years and is trying to find herself again in her 30’s in NYC. Rich doesn’t love comedies, but this is one we can watch together.
  10. Parks and Rec- Amy Poehler rules this show. It also doesn’t hurt that the whole freaking cast is killer and hilarious! I was a devoted watcher for all seasons and definitely cried on the very last episode. Go watch!
  11. Gilmore Girls- This really shouldn’t even need to be on a list. If you haven’t watched it, you are missing out sweetheart. My mom and I watched this together when I was growing up and I’ve re-watched it probably 50 times. It will never get old. I will always love Rory and wish Lorelai would just FREAKING marry Luke… Am I right or am I right?
  12. The League- This is definitely my stupid, I need a good laugh show. It’s about fantasy football which I know NOTHING about. I can still laugh and enjoy the characters though!
  13. Parenthood- Disclaimer: if you are not emotionally stable and can’t handle getting emotionally attached to a television show, keep scrolling. There was not an episode of this show that I didn’t cry through or yell through. I was so emotionally invested in this family. There is so much love and drama throughout the seasons and I highly recommend having tissues near you as you watch,
  14. Brothers and Sisters- Along the same lines as Parenthood, get ready to cry and cry hard. A patriarch dies, a mother is left to deal with grown children who love each other, but just cannot all get a long. There’s drug addiction, politics, cheating, etc. One show I can watch over again and find that I missed something from before and I love that!
  15. Hot Girls Wanted- This documentary style series is a must watch! Disclaimer there is a lot of sex talk as that is what the series is based around. It is truly eye-opening to the world of high end sex workers, women in the porn industry, technology and sex lives, etc. If you feel comfortable with these topics, go watch!

I hope you enjoyed this list and I also hope you go watch these as soon as possible! Let me know in the comments if you have any must watch shows that I’m possibly missing on Netflix!


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