Are ya’ll ready to be inspired by an amazing woman? I have known Marni for about 4 years after we met while we were both managers at Ultratan. I actually took over Marni’s South Asheville store when she decided to move onto something new. I always knew this girl had some crazy ambition. I could see it in how she ran her store and her daily interactions with customers. She is now a busy gal running her Younique business, working a full time job, balancing a love life and her personal life. I wanted to give all my followers a look into her life and let her give us all a little advice on how she handles being such a Boss Babe.

Our interview is below. Once you read through this make sure to follow her on all her social media outlets and I guarantee you’ll be addicted to her Facebook Live makeup videos before you know it :):)

Hi there! My name is Marni Stockhausen. I am an Elite Green Status Presenter with Younique Corporate. I lead a team of 67 women to help them promote and succeed in this world wide makeup business. I am also a full time medical assistant at a skin and vein center. I perform Coolsculpting procedures and consult with patients to determine their aesthetic needs. I spend most of my weekends doing makeup for weddings and photo shoots. I am in a serious relationship with my boyfriend Drew and in addition to all of this, I host a women’s Bible study every Wednesday. So, needless to say, I stay very busy. Managing my time means keeping my planner with me 24/7. My planning time is generally at 5:00am before work. I love early mornings. Quiet time with my coffee (extra cream), my planner and my IPad Pro keeps the flow going for my entire week.

  1.  How did you get involved with Younique and how long have you had this business?  I have been with Younique Corporate since April 2017 and it has changed my life. Between live videos, makeup tutorials, customer service, one on one lessons and hosting team meetings, it keeps me much busier than I ever imagined it would but it is SO worth it. I have never had the financial freedom I do now. Being able to lead women in running their own small business is so rewarding. It’s so much more than just makeup. It’s marketing. It’s teamwork. It’s consistency and bravery. It’s sisterhood. I never thought a direct sales company would give me the confidence I have today.
  2. What are the Top 5 products in your makeup bag?  Top 5 products in my makeup bag? Oh Lord, that’s hard! 1. Lip Bon Bon in the shade Raspberry Cheesecake and Lip Liner in Plush (wait, can that count as one? Lol) 2. Bronzer in Malibu 3. Epic Mascara 4. Touch Liquid Foundation 5. Pressed Powder
  3. How did your time at Ultratan help you in your professional career? I met Caroline a few years ago at Ultratan where we were both managers! Though back at that time, it was just for fun, that job taught me a lot. How to hire and fire employees. How to create a schedule and manage my time effectively, and how to hit some major sales goals. Being in the position of a manager gave me a lot of respect for my future managers and the position their in. It is NOT easy. I believe it was crucial for my future jobs as it made me a respectable, valued employee.
  4. What does the future hold for your Younique business? As far as my Younique business, the game plan is to promote to Black Status. In a nutshell, that’s the top of the line with this company. Meaning my team and I would be doing 80G plus in sales every month. Right now, we are averaging about 15G, so we have a ways to go, but I’m confident!
  5. What sets you apart from others in your field? I believe the biggest thing that sets me apart from others in this business is my authentic desire to HAVE FUN. To embrace my silliness and remind women young and old to just enjoy being a female! I believe I was born with a gift to connect to people from all over the world and all ages and backgrounds at a whole different level. I have a God given ability to bring myself into their world and relate to them. It believe it is the reason that I have always been considered very important in my workplaces. I always brought my A game and my authenticity, wether I was serving tables or assisting in cosmetic surgery.
  6. What are your morning and night skin care routines? My morning skin routine is quick and simple, splash of ice cold water on my face to reduce swelling and puffy eyes from deep sleep and Younique’s Royalty Moisturizer with SPF. At night, it gets real! I use Younique’s Royalty Pore Purifying Cleanser, Royalty Exfoliating Mask twice a week, Royalty Uplifting Serum, then I finish with the Younique Esteem Lash Serum for lengthening and Hottie Lip Plumper (I love waking up to a sexy pout!)  I’m posting a picture below to show how AMAZING Marni’s skin looks.22323122_132573877466877_1195984362_n
  7. What advice would you give to fellow #bossbabes who are just starting out? Advice to upcoming BOSS BABES….. Make sure you give yourself a day of rest. Too many weeks I have burnt myself completely out trying to balance work, my side hustle makeup business, my Younique team, my relationship with my boyfriend…the list goes on. I have learned to take either Sunday or Monday (it usually depends on the weather) and give myself a rest day. It usually starts with a cup of coffee…or three. A bubble bath. A good book. A homemade meal and a few episodes of Fixer Upper. My rest days are my days to regroup and refocus so I can go into my week swinging!
  8.  What is your favorite place on earth? The Biltmore Estate. I love hiking there all year round. I’m a total history nerd and could literally walk the huge house once a week and never be bored. The winery is a great place to unwind and kick it with my girls. And there is always a beautiful, secret spot to lay back and read a book.
  9. What is your favorite song right now? I love Florence and the Machine and the song “Spectrum” is my jam at the moment.
  10. What is your favorite Bible verse? Psalm 46 “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” It’s a great and necessary reminder for me to just STOP. And knowing that this Earth is God’s is my comfort. The world is so scary these days, I rest in knowing that the enemy will never win my soul. The earth is our God’s!
  11. What is your preferred social media outlet? Instagram is where I really began to find my niche for social media marketing. I actually didn’t have Facebook until this year. BUT i have to go with Facebook. I love that my viewers can go back and watch my live videos after the fact. My customer base is world wide so its super important that they are able to enjoy my videos on their time.
  12. What is the one thing you cannot live without? I cannot live without my Faith. Everything else is merely dust in the big picture.
  13. Name a few fall must-haves! Bell Sleeve tops. Thigh high boots. Over-sized Sweaters, PSL from Starbucks, DUH and Bath & Body works candle in “Sweater Weather.”
  14. What is your favorite quote? Life is short. Don’t be lazy. -unknown. This is short, sweet and to the point.
  15. What is your favorite food? Favorite Food? Is coffee an option? Haha! I love Mexican food. And Chinese food. I think my favorite dish of all is Pad Thai. I could eat that shiz for dayyyyys.
  16. What is your definition of a #girlboss? A well rounded woman. A woman whose in touch with her faith, family, friends, health and finances. She wakes up with a grateful heart but strives for self growth. Her goals include building her physical, mental and emotional strength, building her bank account and building her relationships. She believes in the power and magic of being a female. She encourages and inspires other women. She always builds up, and never tears down.


I just want to take a moment before I end this blog to reiterate how much I adore Marni. She has taken the bull by the horns with her business and just owned it. Only being in this about 8 months she has taken the Younique world by storm. I am sad to say I do not own any Younique products (YET!), but just to watch her do the facebook live videos and answer literally any (I mean any) questions these ladies have and to give honest and real advice is just inspiring. It’s so amazing to be able to surround yourself with inspiring women who radiate confidence and empowerment. Just a little reminder: support your friends, support other women, lift other women up.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you Marni, GOOD LUCK #bossbabe!

Below are Marni’s links! Join her VIP group for special promotions and links to her shop!

Marni’s Facebook Live videos

Makeup by Marni-VIP Page

Marni’s Instagram


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